Ask Questions and Execute! #MVMNTBLDNG 3

It’s all about MVMNT BLDNG. Being able to watch closely things are taking place. Being able to think about possibilities… As “construction” is a metaphor for so many different things. Being able to design our lives with Mobility. Thinking about how BIG we want to go , how much you want to expand or is it time for us to think about consolidation? What do we really need? Thinking about how much investment goes into experience throughout different parts of society You get to dream about...What people may want and what people may need based on what’s there and based on what's coming... What are people looking forward to? You can see that in our landscape a lot of times right up under our noses, it's revealed. How much are we going to still...stay in the same place? How do we measure that? Through MVMNT , through BLDNG! Catch the next one!