I like to look up…You know,

I like to listen to the vibes on the ground with the people as well, but I’m one of those people that has just admired  different shapes throughout the skyline...

Think that just comes from like building, Legos and structures from a child just the imagination of open space and what could be…

You know, from the city to the rural, different areas, different needs…. You know, nature… What the Earth provides...And then, all the lights, you know the flashing things… The way that we sometimes overstimulate … Just through art Through architecture....Through  engaging the sensories of so many different people…

That’s what movement building is about. You know, what's the possibilities of how we see our society and our  surroundings .                                                               

We have to get more creative We have to unplug  We have to get out of tradition and do new things. This is all about landing somewhere…. but at the same time it’s all about looking up!  It’s all about goin up!

It’s all about movement building! Catch the next one! MVMNT BLDNG - Experimental created for PTP media all of my original shots and music and kicking some conversation off... about observation & visual stimulation.. the way I see it.

Inspiration from design , music, culture. Influence from historical human much to see & feel on many ways... It's poetic.

MVMNT BLDNG (2min short)


promote the positive

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