#MVMNTBLDNG 2 - Ideas on Purpose

It’s all about MVMNTBLDNG

It’s all about going to different places and exploring, finding out what's unique... Digging through, trying to find the specialness….

The uniqueness, the sounds, the people, what's the vibe?                                        You gotta stay wide open checking things out from different experiences different perspectives It's always good to just be inspired design by intentionality.

Looking at things that were once someone's greatest imagination And is new and it’s shiny..., and everybody's excited and everybody is like ooooh , ahhh....

Then… It starts to get old, then something else comes in,  something else is new. Just like nature, you can learn a lot from nature.

Observing, indoors and Outdoors

Just the way that people respond to ideas, it all started as an idea.

Even down to the details...It’s about purpose.

As you’re movin through, building… Just remember, it all was an idea, on purpose.

MVMNTBLDNG 2 Ideas on Purpose


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